One Day–A love poetry

If there is an event that clearly shows our human side, it would be breakups. See here, when we’re in love we tend to do stupid things. We tend to be that optimistic dreamer, and think that everything is possible as long as you dampen it with love. The world looks a little bit brighter and your vision is rosy-hued. Life is great. Love is amazing.

However, if we we’re to experience breakup then…the world that you knew as beautiful will be bleak and gloomy. It’s amazing how our perspective suddenly changes, and that is all because of a single event.

The video that I will be linking is basically the OP trying to live as she experiences break-up. Again, the story is told by poetic-style. The prose isn’t created by me, but rather a good friend of mine. However, I did all the acting, narrating, storyboard, editing, directing etc. All except the prose and music.

Please watch it here, and I’d like to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to send me your poetry for reading, I’d be happy to do that. Just email it here:

Paper Planes–a long-distance friendship poem

Paper Planes 

By: Fandom Novelties

A white canvas in front of me, 

Blank ink etches on it

Filling the unsaid words

Creases that hopes to reach you

this small paper

wanting to fly away

to meet you

that our friendship remains

(c) Fandom Novelties

Watch the video here:

As usual, I did almost everything. I wrote the poem, did the storyboard, narrated, acting, editing–all except the music. Don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel for more of these!

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday and I’m back again with another video.

I’ve made this poem with the inspiration that I have a lot of online friends. I think the friends I have are majority long-distance. They’re in a different country. So yep. The paper planes signify the desire to meet them as I missed them so much. I know the feeling of wanting to hug your best friend or like hang-out in somewhere awesome. But oh well, that’s life.

I just hope that they’re doing great wherever they are.

How about you? Have any online friends and how did it feel?


Monday Motivation #2

Hello Guys!

It’s another day of the week; therefore, as usual, here’s some Monday motivation to help you out! I hope you have a great day since I, too, don’t like Monday. But oh well, what can we do?

One of the reasons I liked this quote because this is the mentality that some people fails to achieve. Everything is in our perspective. A crappy situation could be turned into something awesome if one just finds the positive ones. I know it is hard because I, too, fail in doing this. But, if we don’t adapt this mentality–we’ll be the ones who’ll suffer.

So yep, do you have any Monday Motivation to share? I hope you do! Leave them in the comments. As usual, don’t forget to check out these links.

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Monday Motivation #4

Remember those heroic or inspirational stories you always looked up to when you were a kid? I remember, when I was young, I always looked up to that church girl. She was intelligent. An achiever. And someone who had it all. She knows music, dance, art, and a social butterfly. I always think how in the world does she manage to do that? Well, it turns out that person always practices everyday. She doesn’t skip a beat and doesn’t do it half-assed.

That’s the thing where it hits me. I don’t much of the details, but right now I can imagine as she struggles everyday in perfecting a step-or having sleepless nights just to polish that new piece of music she’s going to sing. The thing about successful people is that we often overlook their struggles and hard works. We always forget that you and I have the same starting point-the same obstacles we may overcome. And that’s the thing about it. I personally think in order to succeed in life is we first must understand that everyone struggles, but the difference between losers and winners is that the winners did not choose to give up, but continued on.

Sunday Motivation #3

Good morning everyone! Today’s motivation is

“Be on your guard; stand firm inthe faith; be courageous; be strong.”

-1 Corinthians 16:13

For the last few weeks, I have been facing a lot of stress (hence why I keep on giving these quotes) I am on the verge of breaking down. To be honest. It’s like there’s a lot of things I want to do, but my whole body and universe doesnt want to cooperate. It’s hard. There’s always this brick wall standing in front of me and there are some monsters chasing me from behind; thus, giving stress and draining me (great analogy amirite)

I’m still doing my best. Fighting. And destroying that brick wall and running away from those monsters. Cant say what the result will be, but I’ll live.

One day…

We all have our dreams don’t we? As a child, I used to say “One day I will be famous; I will be someone who will change the world.”

As I grow older, my longings want and change. Now, I say, “One day, I will be a successful person.” It’s amazing how the things we want to change as the spectrum of time revolves in another area of life. There are so many things that affect as a whole person, and that’s really amazing. Perhaps in a different circumstance, I’d be someone who is pompous and my only desire is to inflict such miseries because I was raised differently.

But, let’s shift the topic for a little bit. As I am writing this, I have remembered a certain breakup that, well, caused me to cease functioning for a while. I remember saying things, hoping to gently cradle the shattered heart.

I remember saying the words: “One day” a lot. That memory was too damn hurtful, that I don’t even realize that I’m writing about it. Maybe because, it was those type of breakups that you didn’t do anything wrong and it just went away. Fate, timing, or whatever you call-just didn’t want things to be that way, I guess.

How about you, what are the words that you fill whenever you say, “One day,”?

Leave the comment below and thank you so much for reading.